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Welcome to Forward Financial. We are an independent, fiduciary, wealth management firm that believes in expanding freedom, fun and fulfillment for our clients.

How do we do it? By providing expertise grounded in Nobel Prize-winning research that explains how markets work and applying it to your unique situation. This, coupled with our planning experience, allows us to offer you clarity about your future, confidence about what you’ve already achieved and the capability to work towards even bigger goals.


The Methodology

Thought Leadership

Leadership isn’t simply about providing information and telling people what to do in order to achieve short-term results. Rather, true leadership begins with creating sustainable value first. We ask the right questions so we can learn what’s important to you and better understand your unique threats, opportunities, and strengths. Then, we collaborate to work towards a potentially bigger and better future; the future that you envision for yourself.

Inspire Discipline

Discipline, the root of all good qualities, equals freedom. Freedom of time. Freedom of money. Freedom over who you choose to spend your time with. And the freedom to follow your dreams and find your purpose.

We believe people who are disciplined create the most freedom, fun and fulfillment in their lives. Our role is to inspire you to be disciplined, so you can work towards achieving an abundance of all three.

Our Philosophy

Philosophy can be summarized as the framework of how we choose to live our lives. At Forward Financial, we have expertise in helping people apply a philosophical framework to their planning and investment process. After all, a well-developed framework filters out opinions or conclusions based on incomplete information, leaving you with a clear picture of how to pursue what you value most, work towards experiencing the future you want—and ultimately—expand your happiness.

Unapologetically Process Driven

In the absence of a proven process, people often make decisions based on speculation, gambling or blind intuition. Conversely, we are process driven, which helps eliminate emotion-based decisions from the planning and investment process. No smoke and mirrors. No secrets. Just complete transparency and open-source knowledge.

“It’s looking at processes rather than outcomes. Too many people make decisions based on outcomes rather than process.”

—Michael Lewis, Author of Moneyball: The Art of Winning an Unfair Game

Before Forward Financial

After Forward Financial

Wisdom Never Gets Old

“Information is not knowledge. The only source of knowledge is experience. You need experience to gain wisdom.”

Albert Einstein

Technology provides us with an unlimited amount of access to information. But what technology and information alone cannot do is stand on principle. A computer cannot challenge the status quo, or the motives of those who defend it. A machine is incapable of asking the right questions, providing leadership, inspiring discipline and implementing a philosophical approach into a proven process. These principles are all a part of our unique methodology, derived from our many years of experience and knowledge.  It is this, cultivated wisdom, that we will use to provide leadership and expand your Freedom, Fun, and Fulfillment.

That’s the difference between accessing information and leveraging wisdom.

The Team

Clark’s unique ability is envisioning a future experience, while methodically and deliberately pursuing a process, in order to produce an outcome that is deeply meaningful and expands happiness.

At age 43, he has over twenty years of experience in the financial services industry, yet young enough to ensure he’ll still be working for his clients long after they retire. In fact, he intends to maintain a working relationship with every one of his Forward Financial clients for the rest of their lives.  

Clark grew up in Archbold, a small town in Northwest Ohio with a population of just 4,300. He attended the University of Michigan on a wrestling scholarship, where he was a four-year letter winner and NCAA qualifier. Immediately upon graduating, he pursued a career in financial services and established Forward Financial shortly thereafter.

Clark and his wife, Nevert Badreldin a Maternal-Fetal Medicine physician, recently welcomed their newborn son. When not collaborating with clients, Clark enjoys spending time with family, friends, and their standard poodle named Leo, being on the water, sailing, skiing, snowboarding—any lively and exploratory activity—and reading.

Each day, Meghan relies on her entrepreneurial skills, education in business and finance, and experience working in closely held firms to deliver exemplary and efficient service. Her work to ensure mutual commitments are met in a timely and efficient manner frees up Clark to apply his unique abilities and expertise as he helps expand freedom, fun and fulfillment for their clients.

Originally from San Diego, Meghan braved the midwestern winters to attend DePaul University. In between semesters, she worked for and learned from her father, who founded his own firm in Chicago before expanding in San Diego. After graduating with a major in Business Administration focused on Finance in 2011, Meghan joined the Forward Financial team.

Recently, Meghan began working with her father again to coordinate the successful transition of his business to Forward Financial, and she looks forward to collaborating with him to expand upon the wisdom he offers his clients and share their common vision.  

After living in Chicago for nearly fourteen years, Meghan continues to discover new downtown neighborhoods to explore. When not spending time with her Chicago-made family and friends, Meghan enjoys making homemade pasta, reading, live music and spinning on a stationary bike going nowhere.

A seasoned and credentialed professional, Bill is the father of Meghan Rooney. He earned his CLU and ChFC designations through the American College in Bryn Mawr, PA. For the last forty years, Bill’s focus has been business insurance as well as executive and estate planning for clients of closely held firms.

Prior to affiliating with Forward Financial, he operated Rooney Crull Financial and Insurance Services, which he founded in 1981 in Chicago, before relocating to San Diego, CA. Currently, Bill resides in Arizona, spending his summers in Chicago with his family. As he begins to enter the next phase of life, Bill enjoys working with his daughter and her team member, Clark.

The Details

Why do people seek our services?
I’m in need of expertise and experience
I would like somebody to hold me accountable
I want to delegate to trusted professionals
I would like my family to be involved

Financial planning
Holistic asset integration
Investment selection and monitoring
Asset allocation and rebalancing
Risk management
Generating income strategies
Tax/estate considerations
Cash flow analysis
Business exit planning


Saving and spending
Adherence to plan and goals
Realistic expectations  
Emotions, biases, stress (manage behavior)
Objective Feedback
Life/business transitions


Time savings
Personalized service
Coordinate trusted professionals
Integrated asset oversight
Holistic wealth management
Secure technology


Spouse involvement
Joint financial goals
Wealth transfer  
Multigenerational planning
Family values
Donations and philanthropy

Our Promise to You

At Forward Financial, we remain committed to absolute professionalism, authentic and complete communication, and fierce ownership.

Talk with us about how we can help expand freedom, fun and fulfillment in your life. Starting today.


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